Services offered

Energy healing sessions for people and all animal species. Specialized in the soul-connection we have with animals and how we support each others healing and well-being.

Energy Healing sessions for:

    • Pain release for chronic body and join pain
    • Reduction of join and muscle aches after exercise
    • Reduction of inflammation and infections
    • Healing from old and/ or recent injuries
    • Rehabilitation support
    • Pre- and post-surgery support
    • Emotional stability
    • Trauma release
    • Relief from headaches, migraines and cluster headaches
    • Energy Alignments of the physical body (organs, glands, bone-structures) and all other energy body’s
  • Chakra Healing and Attunements
  • High Frequency Healing

  • Support for geriatric animals and their family
  • Energetic soul support for animals approaching the end of their life

  • Energy readings and Animal Communication via picture
  • Animal Communication in person (can be combine with energy healing sessions)
  •  Healing with:
    • Sound ~ Solfeggio Frequencies
    • Crystal Gemstones
    • Essential Oils
    • Natural Supplements
  • Meditations for people with dogs and horses
  • Group Workshops for people with parrots, dogs and horses
  • Private and customized Workshops are available for all animal species

  • Energy Cleansing of Objects, Homes, Businesses, Spaces and Land

Conscious Quantum Energy Healing Services for people and animal companions, Vancouver BC Canada

The treatments and services offered are considered supplemental healthcare for you and for your animals well-being, and are no replacement for medical care.

Conscious Quantum