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Welcome to the Quantum Resource Centre


The following pages contain information that can support you in activating inner wisdom and healing within you.

These pages are kept simple purposely.
I do not want to fill your brain.
My only wish is to offer you visuals that can activate within you the tools, that can support you to access your inner wisdom yourself, your inner intuition, your inner healer, your gifts,
and so much more beauty that lies within you.

We are made out of pure energy
When you feel it
You remember
This is extremely powerful

Animal Health & Communication

Activate your dogs purpose

Heart coherence





Quantum Entanglement

Color Therapy

Water Consciousness


Breath, Healing & Movement Suggestions

Essential Oil Suggestions

Nutrition & Supplements

Astrology Websites

Shamanic Healing

Resonance Science

Books on Spirituality

Books on Energy Healing

Books on Nutrition & Healthy Recipes

The heaven we are here to co~create on Earth takes form when we activate our light~body and all the dimensions of it. Then inner balance, harmony, and pure bliss follows. We can experience our lives on Earth from a divine perspective, one of beauty and self~empowerment, from a place of love for ourselves and others.


We all feel within what the other feels, we can all expand this divine multi~sensory gift, and then use it to optimize the energy flow of ourselves, all the animals, plants and people around us.

We are all build of the same particles, individual souls carrying their unique flavor of energy, one spirit, one universal consciousness.

~ Marieke Leliveld, Conscious Quantum

Conscious Quantum Offers
Personalized Energy Healing Services

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