Meet Marieke Leliveld

Marieke Leliveld, intuitive high frequency energy healer. Vancouver BC Canada

My name is Marieke Leliveld, I am an intuitive high frequency energy healer and animal communicator. Since early childhood I have been gifted with clairvoyant (clear seeing), claircognizant (clear knowing), clairsentient (clear physical feeling), clairempathy (clear emotional feeling), clairtangent (clear touching), and more profound healing abilities. I am a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner, Animal Health Technician (certified in The Netherlands), and have completed a Swedish relaxation massage training in Belgium.

I am specialized in animal energy healing, well-being, communication and the silent language that exists between us. I love working with people who desire to strengthen, heal and explore the soul connection we have with (our) animals. I have tremendous compassion in my heart for animals who experience anxiety, fear, express imbalanced behavior, and for animals that need extra care, like sick, injured, aggressive, and traumatized souls. I am committed to assist people in resolving any unbalanced behaviors they might experience since the beginning of their relationship with the animal.

We are all connected, we feel energies within and around us.
Being able to move your energy flow and becoming conscious of the energy quality, makes you able to feel free and
Spaciousness and freedom always lies within,
waiting for you to breathe into.

It is a true blessing and honor to be on this journey. It brings me so much joy to hold space and to support people and animals in activating their keys to a comfortable flow of energy within and out, offering a way to live a balanced life day in and out, feeling more free every day.

Since childhood, life has brought me many precious, unforgettable moments and experiences with animals. I grew up in a hard working, lovely Dutch Family, with a Golden Retriever, a Cat, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Rabbits, Hamsters, White Shepherds, rescuing animals and always being in Nature. Communicating with all living beings has come natural to me.

Together with my sister, for years I have participated in dressage competitions in Belgium, with the Horses Olympic, Utopia, Vivaldi, and Orion. Spending so much time with these and other precious horses, and seeing different sides of how people often train animals, has thought me very important life lessons. The strong spirits of horses have been unconditional guides for me in very important stages of my life.

In 2007 my parents’ dog Jewel, a beautiful and sweet Swiss White Shepherd, gave birth to 8 lovely white puppies. Together with my mom, I had the pleasure to assist Jewel, when she gave birth to these 8 white little miracles. Djibbe has been my amazing companion dog, ever since she chose to go home with me and walk besides me on my path. Djibbe always holds space for me to Be in complete presence, mindful, loving, appreciative, compassionate, as well as channeling amazing energy that guides me.

My working career in The Netherlands and in Canada as an animal health technician, working with dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, large and small parrots’ species, diverse bird and exotic animals and other special animal species have brought me many great experiences. Furthermore, it allowed me to gain knowledge about the medical field of animal healing, well-being, as well as about communication, behavior, body-language, psychology, and more. During the 15+ years working as an animal health technician I’ve had the pleasure working for Dr. E.R.M. Croughs in Maastricht The Netherlands, Clinique Veterinaire Samson in Laval Canada, Dr Lupu’s animal clinic Hopital pour Oiseaux et Animaux Exotiques in Montreal Canada, Harbourview Animal Hospital in North Vancouver Canada, Dr. MacDonalds at Night Owl Bird Hospital in Vancouver Canada, and for Dr. R. Raj at Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care in Vancouver Canada.

Djibbe, unfortunately tore her ACL in her knee in 2014, and underwent a drastic TPLO surgery on her left knee. She was in a lot of pain and I deeply felt the need to help and support her in the best possible ways. I have always sensed and known, we hold a lot of beautiful Power in our Heart and Mind, I only had to find my keys to unlock this for myself. My search has lead me to the groundbreaking energy modality Quantum-Touch. The pain relief and healing I was able to bring to Djibbe through Quantum-Touch where incredible.
Her recovery from the TPLO surgery and rehabilitation went beautifully and faster with the support of Quantum-Touch energy healing. Since that first day of offering Djibbe QT, she still asked for regular energy healing in different area’s in her body, I call them “tune-ups”. Animals are so incredibly sensitive, if we are willing to listen to them they can be truthful teachers and profound guides for us. I feel unconditional love for Djibbe and I can’t express how thankful I am for her love, joy and support on my path.

Shortly after Djibbes surgery I adopted a three-legged rabbit named Spinner, I was able to assist her in her healing with Quantum-Touch in a beautiful and thankful way. Her spine often would misalign due to hopping on three legs. When running energy on her spine she would relax to such a deep state, allowing her vertebra to slowly and very gently to move back into alignment. Spinner was the best companion I could have wished for, you can see her pictures on Djibbe’s Facebook. Djibbe and Spinner became best buddies!

Best friends Swiss White Shepherd Djibbe and Rabbit Spinner

Quickly I knew I had to share the Healing Energy of Quantum-Touch with everyone
Please click on this link for more information about the healing modality Quantum-Touch, founded by Richard Gordon

Since early childhood I’ve been able to read, connect, and see through the language of energy, and to use this ability to help improve the well-being of people, animals and plants around me. Quantum-Touch founded by Richard Gordon brought everything together for me, and created a powerful healing tool.

I love to explore life and the universe. I am an animal and nature admirer, who loves meditating, yoga, writing, camping, hiking with Djibbe, rock-climbing, watching campfires, and everything that connects my body, soul and spirit to all the beauty on this Planet.
Continuously I expand and further develop my gifts through practice, education, experiences, and much more.

My spirit wants to empower everyone to follow their dreams, and live a conscious happy lifestyle. Balance, well-being, love, compassion, respect, awareness, healing and sustainability for the world are the seeds I spread.

Each living being has incredible gifts within us, ready to unfold. We are all connected and meant to share, grow, expand, experience and enjoy life together.

~ Namaste

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Djibbe and Marieke meditating Montreal Quebec Canada Marieke and Oliver the doodle during a healing Quantum-Touch energy and Animal Communication session 2019 Marieke Leliveld and the sweetest horse who carried her through the mountains in Equador Marieke Leliveld offering calming Quantum-Touch energy to this precious cat in Vancouver BC Canada

Marieke Leliveld offering Quantum-Touch energy healing to this beautiful horse in QC Canada

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