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All of us who are created out of life force energy, chi, prana, source energy, can learn and re-awaken our innate ability to perceive energy and then use this ability to create optimized health and happiness within life, and also to share this energy with others.

Energy = Everything & Everything = Energy
Energy = Vibration, Frequency & Light
Energy = Emotion, Thoughts & Actions

The Light Language video series is now available

It has been a lot of fun creating the Light Language & Return of the Voice of the Animals video series to offer support within the subjects of energy consciousness, establishing a healthy energetic foundation, activating energy healing, energy hygiene, energy protection and more. The inspiration behind the Light Language and the Return of the Voice of the Animals video series comes from a place of love, passion and desire to spread the word on how all of us can maintain a healthy energy flow, communication, activate healing, establish a solid foundation of life force energy and even telepathically communicate through the language of energy.

The Return of the Voice of the Animals

Video series of 10 video’s shares about becoming an animal communicator & energy healer for your animal(s). This video series is about the parts within us, the energetic frequencies that the animals communicate with; our intuition, power of the heart, listening to nature, listening to spirit, and much more. Even if you don’t share your life with an animal companion, the techniques shared can still be used, and implemented within all area’s of your life, the techniques offer you suggestions to create a path to greater communication with energy.

The Light Language & The Return of the Voice of the Animals video series are both included for free with every booking of an energy healing service or can be purchased via with a sliding-scale of $25-$155.

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