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Meet Desta

Messages from Sabrina, Desta's human companionMarch 31/2021:Desta had not been able to walk for more than 5 min before sitting/ laying down. Veterinarians and specialist could not diagnose her.  March 29/2021:She is slowly that confidence is coming back we went from 5...

Meet Rory

A beautiful super sensitive soul  Rory received 1 distance healing on Wednesday. The sweet playful look in his eyes and the ball are the proof he received and was able to use the energy of the session to release the emotional charge within his energy body  Such a joy...

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My Practice

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Online & On location

On location within greater Vancouver BC
and at:
Harmony Family Wellness
678 Leg in Boot Square
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4B4


Tuesday to Saturday
11 am – 9 pm PST