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On this page you will find video’s and website links to interesting, healing, awakening and other information that can support you on your path in life.  On  the Conscious Quantum YouTube channel you can find a more extensive playlist of interesting and valuable video’s.

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Conscious-Touch Meditation

Heart Coherence & Quantum Entanglement

  • The Intelligence of our Heart ~ HeartMath Institute in California 

Consciousness of Water

The importance of our Breath

Breathing Techniques: A Guide to the Science and Methods

10 Deep breathing exercises

Quantum-Touch Dissertation

Please click on this link to read the full Dissertation by Adara L. Walton on The Impact of Quantum-Touch on Clients with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain.

Quantum-Touch Testimonials

Please click on this link to review testimonials of Quantum-Touch energy healing.


Animal & Health

The link below brings you to a YouTube playlist with some video’s about Animals & Health


  • Biologist and Author Rupert Sheldrake
    Known from the famous banned Ted-talk


The New Paradigm Astrology

Spiritual Teachers

Keys to your Health

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping)

Nutrition and Health

T. Colin Campbell – Center for Nutrition Studies

Golden Paste Recipe

CBD and Health

CBD Awareness Project – All you need to know about CBD for human and animal health

Cannabis and Health

Headaches, Migraines, Cluster-headaches

Essential Oils and Health

Wikibooks Essential Oil guide from A to Z

Clay and Health

Wikipedia: Medicinal Clay

Nature and Health

Biologist and Author Paul Stamets
6 ways mushrooms can safe the World

Truthful Journalism

This website provides journalism on natural therapies and medicines to enhance the mind, body, and spirit.  Reset strives to help expand consciousness and spread more love around the world.

Awakening your energy system with this
easy 5 minute morning routine

Our Chakra’s

On these website pages of Deepak Chopra you can read the meaning of each chakra, as well as the supporting Color therapy, Gemstones, Toning Sounds, and Yoga poses for each chakra
What is a Chakra?
The Root chakra – Muladhara
The Solar plexus chakra – Manipura
The Heart chakra – Anahata
The Throat chakra – Vishuddha
The Third eye chakra – Ajna
The Crown chakra – Sahaswara

Healthy exercise with Yoga

Health benefits of walking Barefoot

10 health benefits of walking and running barefoot

Crystal Healing

Crystal Gemstone Encyclopedia

Animal Consciousness

  • Ted Talk from Biologist and Author Carl Safina
    What are Animals thinking and feeling?


Music to hold space for Stillness:

Solfeggio Frequencies:

Divine sounds:

Conscious Documentaries:

Full Yoga Practices:

Massage Benefits:

Raising our conscious awareness around life, health, quantum energy, nature, planet Earth and the Universe is important for our personal and collective health, well-being and evolution.

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