How do I prepare for Energy Healing?

Before your energy healing session

To optimize the results you receive from a distance and/or in person energy session you could follow the tips below

  • Please meditate on the intentions you have and the energies you would like to release and what you would like to improve for your mind, body, and soul. Feel free to make a list and bring your notes to the session.
  • Regularly taking a salt-bath or having a foot-soak with Epsom, Himalayan,  or kitchen-salt works great to relax and open up the energy channels of  the physical, spiritual and mental energy-body before and after energy work.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your Quantum-Touch session, preferably on a mostly empty stomach.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing an no leather items.
  • Hydrate yourself well at all times.
  • Please arrive on a mostly empty stomach.
  • Arrive for your energy session with an open mind, holding space for yourself and the alignment with your essence.
In the Quantum-Touch circles miracles are called normacles.

After your energy healing session

  • Set time aside for self care, especially the day of the session, this will support the activation of your own profound healing-system within. Emotions and unexpected energies could release in the days following an energy session. Sometimes you might feel worse before feeling better, make sure to hold space for yourself, allowing your mind, body and soul to communicate its needs.
  • Set time aside each day to integrate, cultivate healthy habits, compassion and self-love. Maybe you want to give automatic writing a chance, even better while being in nature.
  • Hydrate yourself well, offer yourself quality nutrition.
  • Meditate, sing, dance, find your joys in life.
  • Allow yourself to make changes for the better.

Contact me at anytime when you feel you would like and/or need support. I am here to hold space for your unique and divine path, and to offer a divine healing space for your mind, body and soul to re-discover balance, joy and happiness in life.