Connecting yourself to earth

Grounding is a very important way to connect ourselves with Earth.

Grounding helps us find balance, to be calm and connected, to feel and be stable, and to help us be in the moment.

By consciously grounding ourselves, we can give the overflow of our energy (for example emotional shifts) off to the ground, away from our sensitive energy-system.

Connect grounding to your breath for a stronger connection.


We breathe, we ground ourselves, and we are ready for what lies ahead. You may start to experience the benefits of grounding within 1 week, up to a month, depending on the dedication to your practice.

It might take a couple of minutes per practice at the beginning, but after a short time grounding only takes seconds.

Please find a way that works for you, experiment and have fun with the process.

You will easily be able to implement grounding into your daily life, feeling more balanced, stable, less drained, as well as stronger and more powerful.

Examples of the practice of grounding are:

  • Take deep breaths and visualizing roots going from the bottom of your feet into the ground. Make your roots as strong as the roots of a tree. You can grow them so deep and strong over time, that you can sense your roots touching water. Connect to your spine for a more powerful grounding sensation.
  • Another way to ground, is to take some deep breaths and visualize light-beams coming from the bottom of your feet, shining into the ground. Shine the light-beams as deep as that you are possible to visualize. Overtime they will shine brighter and further into the ground.
  • An easy way to ground, is to breathe deeply through your abdomen and sense that your feet are very heavy and connected to earth. Sensing what you feel in your own body is the most important!