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Energy Conscious Services for Adults, Children & all Animal Species

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    All sessions are personalized to your, your child and/ or your animals unique needs. To book an energy healing service, please click the box below with your requested service and press submit. Marieke will respond to your session request within 1-3 business days (Wednesday to Saturday).

    In-person Quantum Energy Healing Sessions - 1075 Comox Street Vancouver:

    Home Visits are available on request.

    ICU Academy Program - Inspiring Children Universally - 1075 Comox Street Vancouver:

    Quantum Distance Healing Sessions:

    Online Quantum Journey:

    Recording is provided

    Private In-Person & Online Classes:

    Recording is provided for online classes

    Mindfulness Yoga for Children 18 month-18 yrs & Family Yoga.
    online and in-person, private and group classes.


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    If you are not sure what to book, if you have questions or if you are looking for something particular and you can’t find it here, please call or send an e-mail. All sessions are personalized to your and/ or your animals unique needs.

    All sessions are a fluid combination and integration of Quantum-Touch energy healing, Intuitive energy healing, Jikiden Reiki, Quantum alchemy, Solfeggio frequencies (tuning forks), channeling, other gifts, experience and more.

    How do I prepare for Energy Healing?

    Before your energy healing session & Quantum journey

    To optimize the results you receive from a distance and/or in person energy session you could follow the tips below

    • Please meditate on the intentions you have, the energies you would like to release and what you would like to improve for your mind, body, and soul. Feel free to make a list and bring your notes to the session.
    • Regularly taking a salt-bath or having a foot-soak with Epsom, Himalayan,  or kitchen-salt works great to relax and open up the energy channels of  the physical, spiritual and mental energy-body before and after energy work.
    • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your Quantum-Touch session, preferably on a mostly empty stomach.
    • Please wear comfortable clothing and no leather items.
    • Hydrate yourself well at all times.
    • Arrive for your energy session with an open mind, holding space for yourself and the alignment with your essence.

    Conscious Quantum Offers
    Personalized Energy Healing Services

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    Online, Distance & In Person

    On location within greater Vancouver BC Canada. Territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations


    Wednesday to Saturday
    10 am – 6 pm Pacific Time