Hello beautiful souls ☺️✨
With great excitement I’m announcing that
✨The Return of the Voice of the Animals✨
✨officially has launched✨
It is such a great joy to be able to speak about all the different energies that we and our animals live with on a daily basis and how we can optimize our own unique energy system ✨ With ease and flow ☺️
As a special celebration I would like to offer the video series “The return of the voice of the animals” at a discounted price of $125 and on donation for people with less available funds ✨
The video series can be purchased by sending an email to info@consciousquantum.com or by using the contact or bookings form ✨
I’m very excited to offer you my lifetime(s) of wisdom, practices, insights and more ✨
Love & Light 💖
Marieke Leliveld