A 4 year old Shepherd mix. Desta had not been able to walk for more than 5 min before sitting/ laying down. Multiple Veterinarians and specialist could not diagnose her over this last year. 

Messages from Sabrina, Desta’s human companion

March 29/2021:
Slowly the confidence is coming back, we went from 5 min to 20 min in the last 18 days 🙂

March 31/2021:
Thank you so much, Desta had an amazing walk tonight and when she saw her friend Joey she did zooming around him. I really think you released something tonight:) thank you for sending me those links 🙂


Picture below if from before any energy healing.

 The picture below was taken after 1 energy session with Marieke.
We optimized her energy flow, released blockages within her physical, spiritual, mental and emotional body. Harmonized her energy body’s and activated this as well within her human mom. 


The message and picture below has been taken after 3 energy sessions with Marieke

Desta’s journey continues…