Join the monthly Energy Conversation of
Love, Light & Healing

Ask questions & co~create together.
This is a space where you can ask all your questions about energy, health on all levels of your being, energy communication with oneself, other people, animals, nature, elemental healing and the Quantum field.
Please join the Quantum health conversation in this time of change and ask the questions that lie within you. Let us explore together and become the Quantum shift we want to see within ourselves.
This space is created to explore as a community and support each other in finding our answers within. Creating a beautiful space together to ask questions about life, and all that comes with this beautiful gift. It also offers a platform for you to let go of the stories that no longer serve you. This space is a safe space for spirit to be heard.
Meeting ID: 813 5503 6015
Passcode: Love
My name is Marieke Leliveld, I’m a shamanic energy intuitive, Quantum alchemist, animal communicator and more. I’m here to hold space for you, for myself, for all animals and for our collective health and wellbeing.
Together we can make a shift, a quantum leap toward optimized health for ourselves and our collective.
Love & Light

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