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Living fully through all senses within our multidimensional being

Energy healing sessions encourages growth, deep healing and supports our evolutionary process

Conscious Quantum is a space where you can book your energy healing session for yourself and your beloved animals, BEMER Vascular Therapy, animal communications, workshops, meditations, and is a resource center where you find free information about healing and well-being for yourself and for your animal companions.
Marieke Leliveld is specialized in animal energy healing, well-being, communication and the silent (light) language that exists between animals, humans and Earth. She loves working with people who desire to strengthen, heal and explore the soul connection we have with animals, nature and spirit. Conscious Quantum was born out of a calling to create a platform where energy within our being and energy communication can be understood by our mental body and integrated into our physical and spiritual energy field to create harmony and optimized health.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

About Marieke

My name is Marieke Leliveld, a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner and Animal Health Technician (certified in the Netherlands).  I also have completed a Swedish relaxation massage training in Belgium. I am a space-holder for love, harmony and balance. I practice as spiritual teacher, intuitive high frequency energy healer and animal communicator.

Mission & Vision

Conscious Quantum is born out of a strong inner desire to hold space for people, animals and all that has consciousness. To hold space for and to create harmony and balance where-ever is asked apon and to always serve in the highest good. To spread love, light and blessings around the world. To empower every person and animal that crosses my path. To honour and support the souls journey of all spirits allive, in and after passing.



What is energy healing?

Healing is a fascinating process which is generally very poorly understood. Although it may be tempting to believe that we can heal other people, it is of utmost importance to realize that all healing is self-healing. The body has an extraordinary intelligence and ability to heal itself. Given the right energetic, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual environments, the natural state of the body is perfect health. Our favorite definition of a healer is someone who was sick and got well; a great healer is someone who was very sick and got well quickly. Although all healing is self healing, we can assist other people heal with their own healing process.


How do I activate self healing?

The following practices have brought me any many others to reach a state of optimum health, well-being and improved on the energetic communication (intuition, clarity, clear seeing, …) with themselves, others, Earth and the Cosmos.

  • Activate a Deep Breathing Pattern, Breathe Into Your Unique Wave.

Why is a healthy breathing practice important to my health?

Good breathing moves oxygen through the body, to our brain, all our organs, and cells. The practice of proper deep breathing through the abdomen has always been a good way to release stress. Deep breathing helps you to ground and calms you down at the same time.
Put your left hand on your chest and your right hand on your abdomen.


How do I practice Conscious-Touch with my animal?

Communication is the transmission of thoughts, feelings, commands, or a goal (with or without a purpose) to another human or animal. Another way of seeing communication, is purely as the transmission of energy from one being to another. Our brainwaves consist out of energy, the vibration of our voice and the words that we produce, as well as our emotions, body-language, and more, hold an energy vibration. To become aware of our energy is the first step to a new balanced platform of communication.


How do I ground myself?

Grounding is a very important way to connect ourselves with Earth. Grounding helps us find balance, to be calm and connected, to feel and be stable, and to help us be in the moment. By consciously grounding ourselves, we can give the overflow of our energy (for example emotional shifts) off to the ground, away from our sensitive energy-system. Connect grounding to your breath for a stronger connection.

My Practice


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