Marieke has such a gentle loving connection with the animals and their family. With her assistance (over the phone) she was able to guide me in offering healing to my dogs Randy & Abby when they were reaching the end of their natural lives. Bringing an awareness of where they may be experiencing discomfort and how I could help them. She also brought forth the messages of love our beloved pets have for us. ❤I am so very grateful to have met Marieke.
Sue Nestruck
In my family we have a rescue pup, her name is Kaya. When Kaya came to us about 7 years ago, she didn’t really have a name and she was terrified of any reaching hand in her direction that her instant reaction would be to bite a hand, bark, or just act out in an aggressive manner (most likely from fear). When Kaya was about 1-2 years old, she was left a rest area along an old highway. It took a rescue crew of 5 to catch her finally after an entire day of calling her with food/playing catch. To this day Kaya is still very high-anxiety. She loves to bark about everything. And is always looking out. We enjoyed one of Marieke’s workshops, where Kaya and I had such an intense moment of just *stillness* with my left hand on her chest and our eyes locked. Kaya wasn’t barking, she wasn’t even panting. I was just sending her my love and she had this look in her eyes that said “I don’t know anything and I’m kinda terrified about everything but this feels safe and i like it.” And since then, if ever i notice her barking at every little thing or just not listening, i would take her aside and have a moment of stillness with her, reassure that shes a good girl, and its okay. Her behavior began to change a lot. And since having such intense little moments of stillness and togetherness, she listens to her name way better and generally isn’t worries about barking so much. Not only that, but its so much easier to get her out of barking fits now because of that connection. Marieke has such beautiful way in helping teach you to have a better relationship with your furry friends. And I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have had such a wonderful loving person such as Marieke, teach me how to love deeper to my furry family. It’s something so beautiful and not often taught in our western-culture. Marieke, I would say, is a fine teacher of love and healing. I have learned so much from her. Thank You Marieke.
Montana Green
Receiving Marieke and Djibbe in our home was a very intense experience.  Djibbe seemed like a mystical animal to me and my 8 yrs old son, so calm and wise. Its presence and Marieke’s touch helped us to breathe, calm down and focus. Thank you so much to both of you to share those special moments with us.
Valerie & Enzo
When Marieke placed her capable hands on my cat sixteen year old, Oliver, he immediately relaxed. Marieke guided me how to connect with Oliver at the same time as she began sending energy into his back.  At the end of the treatment I touched Oliver’s back and to my utter amazement his back felt super straight!  In fact I never realized that his back wasn’t straight before this treatment.  Clearly what Marieke did had physically healed his back!
I noticed a significant change in my relationship with Oliver immediately following the treatment.  I felt amazingly closer to him and he seemed much happier, our relationship had transformed, somehow I could feel we were conversing on another level!
Marieke mentioned that he would have an easier time with loud and sudden noises.  I never spoke to her about him being anxious about noise, how did she know that?  and yes I had noticed Oliver was much calmer, he was also more forward …greeting guests at the door….he used to stay in my bedroom when someone came over.  Clearly he had more confidence!! Somehow I also received a spontaneous healing from this experience!!
I had a friend looking after Oliver while I was away for a few days in September and when I came back I saw that all the hedges and trees were cut down to the ground right in front of my apartment.  I had left the windows open for Oliver to have fresh air while I was away.  I was expecting Oliver to be terribly frightened from the noise of the chain saws and behaving like a tree frog as he usually does when there are loud noises around such as motorcycles and recycling trucks.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Oliver….he was as calm as could be.  I was quite remarkable! I knew that this was directly related to the healing that Marieke had facilitated for Oliver.  It is wonderful to witness all the changes in Oliver since his treatment with Marieke!  Marieke is a remarkably gifted Animal Communicator and Energy Healer. She is very compassionate, very patient and very intuitive.  I absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting help for their animal!
Mary Drienovsky
Marieke has a deep understanding of animals and a connection that allows her to provide healing and services with so much love and compassion. When I brought my dogs to her they had been previously traumatized from a bad nail cutting session. She took the time it needed for them to calm down in order to reintroduce nail cutting in such a gentle way, taking into account how they themselves are feeling and respecting them as living beings. I’ve never felt so safe and confident having my furry babies in another person’s hands. She is a gift !”
Stephanie Mankarios
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