Djibbe the Swiss White Shepherd

Tadousac, Canada

Djibbe would like to walk beside you on your healing path.

She wants to be there for you and your loved ones. Djibbe loves children of any age, regardless of whether they connect easily or need a little time. Djibbe connects deeply to people who have experienced loss and or trauma in their lives, and who need an animal spirit who can assist them in a time of healing. She is a very special soul, a dog like no other, which you will experience when you meet her.  Quantum-Touch has the powerful ability to activate your healing-system from a distance, which makes it possible to receive a healing Quantum-Touch session while just spending time with an animal. For some people this can be a great way to approach healing.

Djibbe is wagging her tail to raise awareness around Animal Consciousness.

Always smiling Djibbe