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Published in the Quantum-Touch Newsletter of April 2016

In Each of Us, resides a Heart as a Powerful
Guide, a Teacher, and Healer…

I would love to share with you some experiences and insights that I have been blessed with during my experience running Quantum-Touch energy. Many amazing people, such as Richard Gordon and Dr. Masaru Emoto, have been bringing the world profound scientific research regarding the power of our Life Force Energy. They have raised our awareness about what the power our intention can have on water, food, our environment, and on each other. Since learning Quantum-Touch, I have started consciously runing energy into the water I drink, and all the food that I eat, as well as the plants, animals, and all the living beings that surround me. Running my energy has allowed me to remain focussed and centered, while relieving stress and bringing balance and harmony into my life and the lives of those around me.

Quantum-Touch connected the dots. My partner has been experiencing Cluster-headaches since he was a young adult. Not much is known about these also referred to as suicide-headaches. Twice a year, for a cycle of 4 to 8 weeks, he would suffer from cluster-headache-attacks, with only some relief found in injection medication and pills. After extensive research we discovered that inhaling pure oxygen through a mask brings him relief during attacks, as well as support of natural supplements. It was not until my partner started to receive Quantum-Touch energy that he experienced mayor shifts in his well-being. Thanks to taking control over his own health with the support of Quantum-Touch energy, my partner has been free from any Cluster-headache attacks since 2015. To be continued…

Striving for balance between all species. Animals are incredible loving creatures of Earth, and they are so receptive for energy work. Often I work with animals who experience anxiety, or express extreme aggressive behaviour. Commonly these animals are given up by people or labelled they will never improve. With Quantum-Touch energy, we use our breath, connected to our coherent heart, to consciously offer healing vibrations on a physical and mental level with profound results. Running hart-energy (level 2) with Quantum-Touch generates such a calm, loving, and trusting energy that the most aggressive (even wild) animals calm down unbelievably fast, and are actually able to release behavioural patterns that where stuck with them for a long time. Thanks to Quantum-Touch I am able to give many animals a second chance for a balanced, happy and healthy future.

Animals who assist in our healing are all around us. Everyone who lives with dogs, cats, birds, horses or any other animal knows that they are all special precious beings, with their own depth in consciousness. During the Quantum-Touch sessions I have given, it always occurs that if there are any animal present in the house, they will join us and bring a deeper level of healing to the session.

I want to share an experience that still warms my heart, when the 2 cats of the lady I was working with, jumped on the massage-table to assist us. I was running energy on the sore knee of the lady, with the female cat sitting besides my hands, holding a strong focus on that same knee as well. When I asked the cat silently if she was helping us, the cat immediately looked right into my eyes as a confirmation, I smiled and she focused right back on her owners knee taking her job very seriously. She stayed there purring and watching her owners knee, until the end of the session! This same session became even sweeter when I continued running energy on the ladies painful shoulder. Her other cat a beautiful male, had placed himself comfortably on her heart at the beginning of the energy session. When I noticed the energy needed to be amplified, my heart burst of love, because as soon as I started to raise the vibration, the male cat looked right into my eyes, stretched himself out, repositioned himself, placed his right paw perfectly of top of my hand, and started to purr heavier, his support was amazing! The lady’s knee and shoulder have healed fully ever since. This session and other beautiful experiences with animals show me their incredible and profound understanding of life. Animals serve a purpose on this Earth with us, some are here to guide us, to show us, to channel with us, to heal us, and to awaken us.

Distant Healing re-awakened me to the profound World that lies beneath what we tend to see with our physical eyes. Quantum-Touch made it possible for me to offer distant healing for people and animals around the world. This has brought beautiful healing sessions, while everyone was in the comforts of their own home. The physical meeting is taken out of the equation, this brings a special dimension of open space and sensing the “unseen” energies. This creates a space that allows great healing to take place. People tell me they feel comfortable instantly when the energy session begins, they might sense and experience heat, cold, or high vibrations. People often see colors, geometric patterns, and receive insights. Quantum-Touch via Distant healing is a great pleasure to offer!

Thank you for taking the time to read this story!

By August of this year I will arrive in British Columbia, Canada and will be offering energy services for people and animals, in Vancouver and surrounded cities. As well as in The Netherlands, and through Distant healing.

Energetic greetings,
Marieke Leliveld, Conscious Quantum
Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Animal Health Technician, and Animal Communicator.
Marieke Leliveld, Conscious Quantum