25 JULY 2018 IMPORTANT NEWS:  At this moment in time we unfortunately can’t accept any bookings. For more information please send an e-mail to info@consciousquantum.com. Thank you for your understanding

Energy balancing work goes beyond healing of only our physical body, it also supports the awakening of knowledge that lies within all of us, allowing your soul, your spirit, your body and your mind to feel free.
With conscious awareness we deepen the layers of our communication, encouraging growth, healing and our evolutionary process.


Marieke Leliveld offers:

  • Quantum-Touch Energy Healing
  • Healing Quantum-Massages
  • Remote Energy Healing
  • Animal communication sessions
  • Conversations from our Soul
  • Energy Wellness Consultations (also available via Skype)
  • Private and Group Workshops
  • Meditations with dogs
  • High Frequency Sound Healing for animals
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with Marieke Leliveld

Quantum-Touch can give you Profound Benefits